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This has been a very busy weekend for us and the truck sims fan community! You can watch @Squirrel live now on his Twitch channel playing Euro Truck Simulator, but the most massive community engagement heavy lifting this weeken...
Published May 21, 2018
The SCS Sim Trailer and crew are getting ready for the first round of FIA European Truck Racing Championship 2018. Mighty roars of the racing trucks will sound at the famous Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli in Italy from 26th to 27t...
Published May 20, 2018
As already mentioned in the Euro Truck Simulator 2 Update 1.31 feature list, and no doubt witnessed by most of the players who have updated the game yesterday, the game now contains 8x4 chassis for New Generation Scania trucks....
Published May 16, 2018
We are happy to give you official new updates for both our flagship truck sims, at last. Testing of this update wave took us longer than we had hoped, both internal tests and the open beta revealed a lot of areas requ...
Published May 14, 2018
Recently, we've shown you places you can see on your drives across the ATS Oregon DLC. Today we will bring you a visual appetizer of the places where you can stop, refuel your truck, relax for a while, or stay overnight before continuing...
Published May 11, 2018

We have been veru busy recently hence the lack of posts on here, we had our monthly special convoy which saw members from RFT Logistics and Atlas Logistcs take part in our special route.  We recently joined the Virtual Trucking Asscociation and have seen new additions to the Farm with us partnering up with Atlas Gaming Group on the farm.  We have new members join the staff within the company and Edd take over as the Game Director for ATS!  Jollis has moved over to ETS2 with Wiz and Vaux running the farm!  

Sunday saw more convoys taking place across Europe, we started from London services as per usual then headed North up to Göteborg (Gothenburg).  We then had to free drive down to Helsingborg to pick up jobs down to PoznaƄ.  We saw the comapny rocket up the leaderboard to 3rd however even with a few extra jobs done by drivers we finished the night off in 4th, 300 miles of third place.  Please enjoy some complimentory picture found below.

[RFT-VTC] Jollis a Yes it was a really nice evenings convoy.
[RFT-VTC] NeddyPlays Was a lovely drive!

Saturday Night saw Dan run his last convoy as a Manager, with a good turnout of 8 drivers we started in Los Angeles and headed North to Sacramento.  We headed South to Yuma in Arizona then took our final journey out to Phoenix to the East.  After completing the convoy we headed down to the Tucson to do a few races on the racetrack, located West of Tucson.

Sunday Night saw a 12 truck convoy for Darren's Special Occasion event, we were proud to have Sonic and Roger from MJS-VTC join us on the first leg of this journey from London to Oslo.  A full write up for this event will be featured in a post later in the week.  

Over the last month and a half we have run Oakfield Farm on the Farming Server and have enojyed the company of it however it was time for a change and the Farming Mangers decided that it was time to move onto a new map.  I am pleased to announce that the new map we chose was Valley View and we will be at hard work grafting our way up from the starting vehicles.  We will continue to run the KUHN Pack DLC on the server and have tested all the mods on the server to ensure that there are no issues with the map.  

The last few days have seen a number of convoys taking place within the company, so here are a few pictures showing how incredibly busy we have been!  Thanks to all the drivers who have uploaded screenshots from convoys and to Dankest for running the weekends convoys!

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